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401k and Retirement Plans

Plan sponsors: We’re here to help take the pressure off you.

Plan sponsors: We’re here to help take the pressure off you.

Get the support you need from the team at Impel Wealth Management to manage your employer-sponsored retirement plan. We have decades of experience and can assist you with:

• Plan design.

• Investment selection.

• Ongoing fiduciary support.

• Participant education.

We will help make sure your retirement plan meets your goals – and manage your fiduciary responsibilities. Through our Plan Reviews, you receive an evaluation on the health of your plan along with ongoing support. And your employees get guidance and educational support from our team.

Gain assistance with your 401(k), 403(b), Defined Benefit Pension Plan, SIMPLE IRA Plan or SEP IRA. Each plan is customized to your business and financial needs. Contact us today for a second look at your fees, investments and recordkeeper.


Irene Zurowski, CFP®, CRPS®

Financial Advisor

(330) 800-0182 ext. 107

Irene Zurowski CFP®, CRPS® Associate Wealth Advisor Irene joined Impel Wealth Management in 2022 as an associate wealth advisor. Her goal is to help guide our clients through the complex environment of saving for a successful...

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Janet Taylor

Registered Administrative Assistant

(330) 800-0182 ext. 103

Janet joined Impel Wealth Management in 2021 as a client services specialist. She brings 40 years of experience in finance and accounting to the Impel team, where she’s worked for a range of organizations including corporations...

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Nathan Ollish, CFP®, AIF®

Senior Financial Advisor

(330) 800-0182 ext. 108

Associate Wealth Advisor Nathan joined Impel Wealth Management in 2018 as an associate wealth advisor. He is passionate about helping our clients pursue their dreams – and educating them on the power of investing early and...

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Jesse W. Hurst, CFP®, AIF®

Senior Wealth Manager and CEO

(330) 800-0182 ext. 102

President and CEO Jesse founded Impel Wealth Management out of a desire to help individuals and families “move life forward” through meaningful conversations, comprehensive planning and sound financial advice. With more...

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