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Second Opinion

Is it time for a second opinion?

Is it time for a second opinion?

Find out if your financial plan is running at its best

When taking on a home remodeling project or facing a medical diagnosis, it’s common to gain a trusted, second opinion before making a final decision.

Why? Because professionals often have differing philosophies or approaches. And you want to partner with a provider you feel aligns with your needs – and gives you the best chance for success.

Those same principles can apply to choosing a financial advisor.

Impel Wealth Management is here to help – with a free, no obligation second opinion.

In this challenging economy, you may be in a complex situation or just unhappy with the advice you’re receiving from your financial advisor. It’s not uncommon.

When the future seems uncertain and directions are unclear, you should be able to trust that you have the right team behind you. A team that can help you pursue your goals and arrive at your destination. 

If you’re ready for another perspective on your financial plan, contact our experienced team for our second-opinion service.

To schedule a meeting for a second opinion with one of our advisors, call (330) 800-0182 or contact us today.

Thank you!

Get a closer, second look at your financial plan – at no cost.

We believe that many families would value having their current financial situation reviewed. It’s why we provide this personalized analysis of your current financial situation.

We take a closer look at your financial life by walking you through the first two phases of our Sound Advice … Inspired Life (SAIL) wealth management process:

PHASE I: Discovery

PHASE I: Discovery

Getting to know who you are and what matters most.

We want to learn about your family. Your lifestyle. Your dreams for the future. We believe money is a means, not an end. So rather than starting with the numbers – just the facts on paper – we want to understand the whole person. Because what’s most important to you matters most to us.

PHASE II: Analysis

PHASE II: Analysis

Determining where you are and where you want to be.

Every person’s financial situation is unique. Once we have learned more about you, we will analyze your current plan to see if it will help move your life forward. We will let you know if you are on the right course, or if you need to alter your route – allowing us to help connect your dreams and resources so you can live the life of meaning that you imagined.

After we walk through this process together, we may come to the conclusion that you are already on the right track. If not, we can put our decades of experience to work by moving into the next phase of our SAIL process: implementation and management.

Moving life forward

At Impel Wealth Management, we collaborate with our clients to give them the tools and information they need to manage their financial life with confidence – and build the future they’ve always envisioned. Your financial future is worth a second opinion. Connect with Impel Wealth today at (330) 800-0182 – or fill out the form above – to get started.