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A Love Boat Vacation

A Love Boat Vacation

April 24, 2024

I have a confession to make and something I want to tell you as well. Let’s start with the confession. 

When I turned 12 years old in the fall of 1977, the TV show Love Boat premiered on ABC TV and ran for nine seasons. As a sixth-grade student who wasn’t old enough or had enough money yet to go do things on Saturday night, I enjoyed watching Love Boat, which was typically followed by Fantasy Island.

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When we were on vacation last year in Sedona, Arizona, I discovered that my wife Rachel shared my nostalgic affinity for the show. The house we were staying in only had Internet TV, and one of the stations was the Love Boat station. In what was probably a necessary break from financial and political cable news, we spent more time than I should probably admit watching reruns of the show that had such memorable B-List, and C-List, “stars”, such as Carol Channing, Charo, Bert Convy, Florence Henderson, Arte Johnson, Audra Lindley, Juliet Mills, Robert Reed, Marion Ross, Connie Stevens, Jessica Walter, Betty White and Barbi Benton.

What does any of this have to do with my relationship with you as your Certified Financial Planner and advisor? Well, one of the things that I enjoy hearing about is how many of you use some of your hard-earned assets and financial resources to travel the world. This allows you to create shared memories with those you love, and the value of these shared experiences always goes up over time.


You have told me about the tours you have taken, the places you have gone, the unique experiences and activities you have done on your adventures. And yes, many of you have told me about both the ocean and river cruises you have taken, even if they weren’t technically on The Love Boat.

This brings me to my main message of the day, which is this: Rachel and I will have celebrated our 10th anniversary on April 12th. Many of you have commented that you can’t believe it has been 10 years already. Others have commented that 10 years is an awful long time for Rachel to put up with Jesse.

Source: Jesse & Rachel’s Wedding Album

We will be leaving for 15 days on April 25th. We will be returning on May 10th. I have a favor to ask you during this time. It seems that many times when Rachel and I fly someplace, and I turn on my phone when I get off the plane, I have emails and voicemail messages from some of you asking me to call them or return their messages as soon as possible, usually that day. This is normally not a problem, as I enjoy being a trusted advisor to you.

As Rachel recently reminded me, I will be turning 60 next year. We have continued to build out the team and infrastructure of Impel Wealth Management. This has been done so that you have trusted and experienced CFPs and administrative professionals in the office to serve you whether I am there or not.

So, I would like to try an experiment during the 15 days that we will be celebrating our anniversary (by the way, this is by far the longest I have been out of the office in my more than 36 years as a financial advisor).

I am going to ask you to reach out to my team and lean on the expertise of Nathan Ollish, CFP, and Irene Zurowski, CFP. They are experienced, and we have built systems to help you whether or not you talk to me. Impel Wealth works together as a team. We also have the backing and support of our Horizon Advisor Network partners. Our national ensemble has more than 65 financial advisors across the country and more than 23 offices. We have the resources of our entire group to help you if you need something while I am gone.

I trust that you understand our request and will hopefully cheer on Rachel and me being able to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary in a manner similar to what you have been able to do on your trips and travels through the years. Thank you in advance!!

Source: Zach & Kayli’s Wedding Album

When we get back from our “Love Boat” adventure, I look forward to sharing some of the memories and experiences we created with you, our trusted friends, and clients. It is part of the joy of having clients that you consider as family and friends. It also gives us meaning as we continue “Moving Life Forward.”

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