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January 22, 2020
I write a lot. Each year I write at least 40 market commentary intros. These get re-purposed as blog posts on our website, and they also get shared on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, I write the monthly Investment Committee Notes that are sent to our clients.
Occasionally I have been asked to author an article for Akron Life magazine or to be a source for an article at a local newspaper such as the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Recently, I was asked by Laura Fink at the Akron Community Foundation to write an article about options for utilizing your IRA resources to fund your charitable giving intentions. This is primarily accomplished by the use of Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD's). These were made a permanent part of the tax code several years ago.
While I have written about this before, I thought I would share the link to the article  from ACF. It is a good refresher and reminder for all of you who are interested in making wise charitable gifting choices. It is important to note that while a recent change in the tax code pushed the required minimum age back from 70 1/2 to 72 starting in calendar year 2020, you can still start utilizing QCD's once you turn age 70 1/2. It is a confusing and little-known part of the new tax law, but it's par for the course for Congress.
Thanks for letting us share as we continue "Moving Life Forward" for our valued friends and clients in the new year and decade!!
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