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Come On Irene

Come On Irene

April 18, 2022

Thanks to you, our valued clients, as well as our trusted friends in the professional advisory community, Impel Wealth continues to experience a rapidly growing number of referrals.

As time flies, it may seem hard to believe that Nathan Ollish, CFP, AIF, joined our team nearly 4 years ago! In addition to helping me serve many of you, he has also built an impressive roster of his own client relationships. Nathan also oversees our financial planning services and is a member of our national Investylitics Committee at Horizon Advisor Network.

Now, in order to continue to serve our ever-expanding number of referrals with excellence, we are happy to introduce to you Irene Zurowski, CFP, CRPS. Irene will allow us to continue to scale and leverage the service model and offerings of Impel Wealth Management. We are also proud to have a female advisor join our ranks. We believe this gives us someone with a different history, skill set and lens through which to serve our wealth management clients. 

As always, hiring for cultural fit and desire to serve others in a collaborative environment was critical in making this decision. We always want to add team members who can live our values out loud every day in a fun and productive environment. This allows us to create Impel’s Special Sauce.

I do not want to steal Irene’s thunder, so with no further ado, I will allow her to introduce herself and her family to you. You will be seeing her at the office, and she will be sitting in on many meetings with Nathan and I. I know she is looking forward to getting to know you as well. 

Thank you, Jesse, I am excited to be a part of your team!  I have been interested in helping others save and plan for retirement since my banking days at a small community bank in Medina.  I had the opportunity to meet Jesse and his team at Impel Wealth Management and I was impressed by their financial planning practice.  Throughout my career I had never seen a more thorough, detailed, and all-encompassing advisory firm. I was fortunate enough to join Impel Wealth Management in January 2022 as a wealth advisor and become a part of the Impel family.

By applying investment knowledge and experience, I ensure that each client has a unique financial plan catered to their retirement objectives. Using a combination of research, education and technologically advanced platforms, I can help others achieve their retirement goals.  My goal is to help guide our clients through the complex environment of saving for a successful retirement.  It is important to teach others about their investments so they may learn something at every meeting.

I add over a decade of wealth management experience to the Impel Special Sauce. My prior experience has been advising clients at financial firms in Fairlawn and Medina.  My educational journey began in banking and college where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Finance from The University of Akron. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professional and a Chartered Retirement Planning Specialist®, I have continued my education, and I am a student of the industry, and always learning because, “when you’re green, you’re growing, when you’re ripe, you rot.”

As a lifelong resident of Medina, I enjoy biking, kayaking and gardening.  My husband, Chris and I appreciate every moment we get to spend time with our three children.  Our oldest daughter, Kayla studies at Ohio State University, Alana will be attending Ohio University and our youngest, Caleb is a student at Archbishop Hoban High School.

I look forward to meeting our current clients and our clients to come.  I enjoy meeting clients and hearing about their journey and life experiences.´╗┐

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