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Culinary Collaboration and Client-Centricity: A Recap of Our July Team Retreat at Impel Wealth

Culinary Collaboration and Client-Centricity: A Recap of Our July Team Retreat at Impel Wealth

August 23, 2023

In the heat of July, we took a break to gather for a group retreat to discuss and focus on Team Goals.  Collaboratively we concentrated on client acquisition, along with refining our onboarding and retention processes.   Having a team retreat gives us all a chance to focus on what really matters:  our clients and our team at Impel Wealth Management.  Throughout the morning, we shared ideas and brainstormed novel ways we can benefit our clients.  We strive to focus on helping clients know where they are in the onboarding process, what steps are left, and the timeline ahead. 

We welcomed our newest staff member, Nisse Ferguson to our team.  Nisse (pronounced ‘Niece-ahh) has been helping the advisors prepare for meetings and supporting our recordkeeping.  She recently moved to Cuyahoga Falls from California and just adopted a puppy to add to her other two pups.  She always has a smile on her face and warms our office with her contagious laughter.

In the afternoon, we proceeded to our culinary venture at Stir Studio Kitchen, in Hudson, to make Mexican Chorizo Street Tacos and the perfect Queso.  We were greeted with homemade salsa and freshly made chips.  We kneaded dough to make authentic tortillas, by hand, for our tacos.  We learned some new cooking skills including the secrets of pickling onions and jalapenos.  Our hosts were generous with their kitchen tips and tricks.  Lunch was followed by delicious “kitchen sink cookies,” made by our skilled chef.

We look forward to these retreat days that we have twice a year, to unite, evolve and enhance our skills for the betterment of our cherished clients.  As we “move forward,” the Impel Wealth Management team becomes better at team collaboration, client dedication, and culinary creativity.

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