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Give a Little Bit

Give a Little Bit

August 12, 2022

Jesse Hurst was invited to speak at the Stow-Munroe Falls Rotary last Wednesday.  He was asked to share his thoughts and the outlook of Impel Wealth and the Horizon Advisor Network Investylitics committee on the economy and the markets.

He discussed how we have seen dramatic volatility in both the stock and bond markets this year. This has been driven by the Federal Reserve Bank (finally) shifting policy to address rising and persistent inflation, along with Russia invading Ukraine, significant price increases in gasoline, utilities and groceries, as well as continued supply chain issues, which have been exacerbated by additional Covid shutdowns in China.

Jesse shared some historical economic data points to put in context what we have seen this year. Most importantly he discussed what can be done now, in a market-downturn, to take advantage of the correction and how to position your portfolio for the future.

Jesse was followed by an important message from a local outreach company CAMO, Central American Medical Outreach, which provides over 160,000 life-saving services each year to impoverished people.  They accept donation of medical supplies, medical equipment and more.  To find out how you can help this mission go to

We are always happy to have the opportunity to share our thoughts and perspective with local community groups. If you belong to such an organization and would like to have one of the CFP’s from Impel Wealth talk to your group, please let us know. We are here to help as we continue “Moving Life Forward”.

The charitable entities and/or fundraising opportunities described herein are not endorsed by or affiliated with Cetera Advisors or its affiliates.  Our philanthropic interests are personal to us and are not reviewed, sponsored or approved by Cetera.