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Journey to America

Journey to America

September 11, 2018
Over the next 90 days, heading into the mid-term elections, you are likely going to be hearing much about immigration and its impact on our great country.
This is not a new subject for Americans to deal with. The link to the video below shows the history of people coming to the United States since the year 1820. Each dot equals 10,000 new immigrants coming to the United States. This video vividly traces the journey of people from all over the world to the United States over nearly two centuries.
These days, immigration is an emotionally charged topic. There are issues of security and public safety. There are issues of compassion and humanity. There are financial issues related to having enough workers to fill jobs. As baby boomers retire, young families today are not having enough children to replace those retiring out of the workforce. We can hope for a more civil discord and broad-based solutions around these issues.
However, we know that people of the world have an insatiable appetite for the opportunity of a better life that America has always promised them. This video puts immigration and its history in perspective and reminds us that many of us can all trace our heritage to one of these dots.