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Live From Denver

Live From Denver

September 05, 2019
I don't believe that anyone will ever mistake, "Live From Denver" with "Live From New York, It's Saturday Night". However, on the Tuesday morning of Cetera's recent Connect Conference in Denver, I had a new experience. I was interviewed on Northeast Ohio TV and radio programs from across the country. It is an interesting experience to look into a TV camera with no video monitor, listen to the interviewer in an earpiece and respond to questions with a 2-3 second delay due to the distance.
First stop was the WKYC, Channel 3 interview from the TV show Live on Lakeside with Hollie Strano and Alexa Lee. Next up, was being interviewed on WFIN, 95.5 FM Toledo, Good Morning with Chris Oaks. Both interviews focused on why people should work with a Certified Financial Planner to develop the financial goals and habits that lead to financial success over time. They both wanted to know how to choose a financial planner and what you need to think about as you start the process.
The link to the TV interview is included here. I would like to thank Cetera for choosing me to be interviewed and to represent them in Northeast Ohio at the conference. It was a fun and I hope a helpful experience. Please feel free to share the links below with your friends and family members that may be looking to start down the road toward their financial success and well-being. It's an important first step as we help others in "Moving Life Forward".