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Making the Most of Quarantine World

Making the Most of Quarantine World

April 10, 2020
In a world where the 24-hour cable news networks and social media platforms tend to spin constantly on negative news and dire outlooks, we wanted to give you an alternative thought process and a reason to have hope and optimism.
Below are two links to resources that I believe will help you think differently and lift your spirits. The first is a blog post from Peter Diamandis, the author of the Abundance Insider. I subscribe to this weekly email and find it to be very informative and uplifting. A summary of his thoughts is below, and a link to the blog is included for those who want to read the entire post. 
3 Reasons Why I'm Hopeful, Even Optimistic
1. The human race has never before faced a SINGULAR enemy.  And we are responding, in unison, in records numbers!
By my estimates, somewhere between 100-200 million physicians, scientists, nurses, technologists, and engineers are all taking aim at this pandemic. They are running tens of thousands of experiments in parallel and sharing information with a transparency and at speeds we've never seen before.
2. It could have been MUCH worse -- we'll be prepared for next time.
Imagine if the COVID-19 virus had the mortality rate of Ebola (25% to 90%), or even SARS (11%+), while maintaining its high infectious rate.
A lot of people treat this virus today as if it's a death sentence. Yet it's not for the vast majority of people. For many, it is a severe cold. 

3. There are compelling opportunities ahead...
We are in the midst of a fear and virus-driven economic meltdown, yet once we make it through to the other side, there are going to be incredible opportunities

Additionally, below is a link to a short video for those of you who are struggling with social distance, isolation, and purpose in this time of quarantine. I encourage you to take four minutes and watch this. It is tied to a very famous commencement speech delivered to the University of Texas by Navy Admiral William H. McRaven. I would also strongly encourage you to send this to any friends, family, or children who you think need something to lift their spirits.
While all of this has nothing to do with the markets or economy, it does have a lot to do with optimism for the future, and belief in human compassion and capacity to solve problems. 
We want to remind you that the team at Impel Wealth Management is here for you. We trust that this makes you smile and gives you a different perspective. We want to be an antidote for the negativity that exists in the media and social media circles today. We will get through this together and keep "Moving Life Forward".
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