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National Spotlight on Impel Wealth

National Spotlight on Impel Wealth

January 27, 2021
We know that many of you have seen the financial advisors of Impel Wealth Management featured in local media, newspapers, magazines and TV, on a somewhat regular basis. We are happy to be recognized locally as a trusted voice for information and opinion within our industry.
Now, I am happy to bring your attention to an article in the January edition of Advisors Magazine highlighting our team and our service models. The editors of the magazine reached out to me in November,2020. We spent nearly two hours doing several interviews and providing additional background information about our firm and the clients we strive to serve with excellence.
We are pleased to share the resulting article with you. Even more so, we are pleased to see our unique service model highlighted. Through our partnership with the Horizon Advisor Network, we are able to bring our younger clients the subscription-based Simplifynance service model. This allows us to help those aspiring to start down the road towards financial success in a cost-effective and age appropriate manner.
We are passionate and dedicated about helping our clients create the financial resources necessary to pursue what they define as important in life. A link to the article is included below. We hope you take a few moments to read about the team that supports you, our trusted friends and clients. Please feel free to pass this email or the link along to your friends and family that you believe may benefit similarly.
Thank you for your continued trust and support. Please feel free to reach out if we can help.
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