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President’s Day Delight: Highlights from the 2023 Impel Winter Retreat

President’s Day Delight: Highlights from the 2023 Impel Winter Retreat

March 22, 2023

On both Martin Luther King Jr. and President’s Day each year, the U.S. stock and bond markets are closed for trading.  This has presented itself as a good opportunity for our team to use one of those days for our semi-annual team retreat, which we did this year on President’s Day.  Typically, this is a day for our team to spend time in a setting outside of the office and get to do some team-building activities while also utilizing the time to focus on how we can improve our business to better serve our existing clients and attract new clients.

This year was no different and we were happy to have Sue Grabowski, CEO of Desidara, facilitate our retreat as we worked through a day of mapping out our client acquisition, onboarding and retention processes.  For those of you who may not have heard us mention Sue before, her firm Desidara is our partner for marketing and public relations and is an integral part of helping shape how we communicate with and serve our clients.

One of the many things I enjoy about our semi-annual team retreats is the opportunity they present our team to slow down from the day-to-day busyness of the office, step back, and re-focus on why and how we serve our clients.  After an initial ice-breaker question where Sue asked each of us for a one-word answer describing our current state of being, she then led us a whole team through the first part of mapping out our client’s journey, from the first time they hear about, see, or meet Impel Wealth Management.  We then broke into two separate groups to walk through the remaining phases, from the time a new prospect is considering becoming a client of Impel Wealth Management, through how we are serving our long-term existing clients.  At the end of the day, our goal was to identify, prioritize, and produce tasks in areas that we feel we can focus on as a team to improve and continue to serve our clients with a high level of personal advice and service.

The retreat is always a day filled with open communication and feedback amongst our team, as we all work together to keep Moving Life Forward for our trusted friends and clients.  A special thank you to Sue and her team for helping facilitate and lead us during the day- we truly appreciate and value your wisdom, partnership and friendship.