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Team Retreat

Team Retreat

March 13, 2019
Early each year the team at Impel Wealth Management takes one of the federal holidays, when the markets are closed, to conduct our team retreat. This year's retreat was special and meaningful in a couple of different ways.
First of all, we brought in our good friend Emily Melious from Pittsburgh to facilitate. I have known Emily for many years and I've also been friends with her parents who were part of my previous study group for nearly 2 decades. Emily runs the small business, entrepreneurial coaching firm Launch Consulting. Emily specializes in utilizing the Kolbe Index to help people understand their inner self, their drives and motivations.
Emily's purpose with the Impel team was to help us look at ourselves individually, and through an appreciative inquiry process, to understand our fellow team members better. The end goal was to understand, appreciate and celebrate what each team member brings to the table. These unique gifts are what make the special atmosphere and teamwork of our firm a great and fun place to work.
Not only was it an extremely interesting and self-introspective process, it was fun working with and learning the giftedness of our fellow team members. Thank you to Emily and to our entire team who came willing to share openly in order for us to keep "Moving Life Forward" for our friends and clients. Next week I will share with you the rest of the story of what we created at our team retreat.