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Team Retreat - Part 2

Team Retreat - Part 2

March 18, 2019
As I mentioned last week, our team came together in early January for our annual planning retreat. Each year as part of this event, we spend time reviewing our corporate goals. We decide which goals we will try to have accomplished by the end of each quarter of the year, and we also decide who takes ownership and responsibility for getting those goals completed for the benefit of our firm and our clients.
In addition to working through our appreciative inquiry understanding of ourselves and our fellow team members with the help of Emily Melious of Launch Consulting, we also set out to update the Mission Statement, the Five Year Vision Statement, and Team Values of Impel Wealth Management in our action packed, full day retreat.
When we created Impel Wealth just over two years ago, we had to work rather quickly with our marketing and public relations team to create our new brochures and website. In this process we used a combination of materials that I had previously created, along with discussions I had with them to create the initial language we used in our materials. 
However, I was never completely happy with these as I felt we would be better served if they were created by our entire team. That's what we did during the second part of our retreat. We started with each team member sharing three stories of how they have seen Impel Wealth best serve our clients. Just listening to the stories and what resonated with each person as they shared how we had helped a client at a particular turning point in their life was an incredible and meaningful experience.
From there, Emily walked us through whiteboarding the words and phrases that seemed to jump out of the stories and resonate with the team. After several hours of working together the team collaboratively authored the following mission statement and values that we believe are unique to our office and culture. These will drive us as we seek to help and serve our clients with excellence.
Mission Statement
"Moving Life Forward" through meaningful conversations, comprehensive planning and sound financial advice for those seeking an inspired life.
Impel Wealth Management welcomes our clients and friends to our HOME daily. The following values drive our TEAM:
Clients are FAMILY
COMPASSION while Serving
Giving RESPECT, Creating DIGNITY
Contagious JOY and LAUGHTER
Pursuing EXCELLENCE, Delivering RESULTS
Excelling through TEAMWORK
We trust that our mission and values will become more than just words on a page. They will be will drive us to serve you, our friends and clients as we all continue "Moving Life Forward."