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THANK YOU and a Reason for Optimism

THANK YOU and a Reason for Optimism

March 20, 2020
I would like to begin our Friday newsletter and update with a giant thank you to YOU, our friends and clients. During this time of volatility and uncertainty, we have been working overtime trying to communicate with you, and to return your phone calls on a timely basis.
During this time period, we have gotten multiple comments, emails, notes and even a fruit basket from clients expressing their thankfulness for our efforts. You have told us to take care of ourselves, that you trust us, believe in our process and are confident in your financial future because of our TEAM. We would never take this level of gratitude and concern for our well-being for granted. I often say that I am blessed because I get to work with a team of people that are incredible professionals AND for a group of clients that we care about as family.
And Now...For Something Completely Different
Over the last two weeks, I have written a number of Market Commentary and Investment Committee updates with the goal of keeping you, our trusted friends and clients, well informed about what's going on with the markets and economy during this time of volatility and dislocation.
We very much appreciate the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have gotten from all of you. We have had a dual goal of making sure that you were well-informed, and also letting you know that we were paying very close attention to the economic and healthcare outlook so that we could do our best to advise and manage the assets that you entrust to us.
After hearing so much information and data simulated and distributed to you through us, we thought it might be interesting to hear something from one of Wall Street's most respected economist and market strategist, Brian Wesbury of First Trust. He is somebody that we have followed closely for years, and we respect his outlook and thought process greatly. I think you will enjoy the video commentary.
Please click the link below to watch. I think the information and outlook will be positive and refreshing, especially in today's cable news and social media world. Given everything else that you are reading and watching about the coronavirus and its impact on the economy, this is well worth 12 minutes of your time, and you will likely feel more positive, informed and optimistic afterwards.
Brian received an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and a BA in Economics from the University of Montana. Brian's second book, It's Not As Bad As You Think, was published in November 2009, and gave a fresh and alternative look at the events of the Great Financial Crisis, as well as the failure of AIG and Lehman Brothers. We have extra copies of this at our office if you would like to read it...once you are able to come out of your homes and interact with 3D people again.
Please let us know what you think of this format. We are doing our best to keep you informed as we all "Move Life Forward" together. 
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