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The Health Insurance Challenge

The Health Insurance Challenge

November 19, 2019
As we head towards the 2020 Congressional and Presidential elections, I would like to continue to share information with you so that you can be a better-informed voter. It is my hope that in sharing this non-partisan data, that it will allow you to better filter what you hear on stage during the debates and from the various campaigns along the trail. 
One of the things that drives me crazy is how loosely candidates on BOTH sides of the aisle play with facts. Because very few people are informed enough to challenge them, it is easy for candidates to state whatever they want as fact, and to create a narrative that supports their viewpoint and policies. If you, our trusted friends and clients, understand the issues and the data more clearly, it will help you make good and informed decisions as you vet the candidates for various government offices.
 Healthcare is a hot topic. You are going to hear A LOT about it over the next twelve months from candidates on both sides. A recent study from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that in calendar year 2019 the average price of health insurance has risen above $20,000 annually for families who obtain their coverage through their employer benefit plans. That is the equivalent of paying for a new, smaller vehicle, such as a Honda Civic ... EVERY YEAR. 
 The chart below shows how over the last 20 years the total cost for both the employer and employee contribution to family health insurance has nearly quadrupled. The increased cost is taking money that families and employers could use more productively towards other items, leaving them less disposable income. At some point, something has to give. Here is a link to the entire article and below is the chart.
 As you listen to the candidates drone on about this over the next 12 months, you will hear a lot of frustration and anger about the situation. However, what we really need, is practical solutions that help all Americans as we keep "Moving Life Forward" together.