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Understanding Recent Market Volatility Webinar Replay

Understanding Recent Market Volatility Webinar Replay

March 31, 2020
Last Friday we had the opportunity to do our first Zoom webinar for the benefit of our clients. Historically when there have been bouts of market volatility like we have recently experienced, we would have rented a room in a community center or hotel and invited our clients to come for a conversation about the markets and the economy. This would also give clients the opportunity to ask questions regarding their particular financial situation.
The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has limited our ability to put a bunch of our clients in a room together. Thankfully technology allowed us to host this event online. While many people were able to attend the live event, including people from at least five different states, many of you were not able to attend and have asked for a link to the replay.
We are happy to report that the webinar was recorded and the link to it is provided here . This will take you to the Impel Wealth Management YouTube channel where you can watch this and also share it with friends or relatives that may have questions.
Our main goals were to educate our clients about what is going on currently, provide perspective and context from a historical basis and give clients solid steps that they can take to help their financial situation. They are outlined in the webinar and below:
What Can We Do Now?
Rebalance Your Portfolio
Tax Loss Harvesting
Roth IRA Conversions
Buy When Assets Are On Sale
Control What You Can Control
The Big Question
When This Is All Over, What Will I Wish I Had Done?
I hope you get the opportunity to watch the video. Please let us know if you have questions about your particular situation going forward. We are here to help as we all continue moving life forward together.
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