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Webinar Replay: 2020 What Else Could Go Wrong?

Webinar Replay: 2020 What Else Could Go Wrong?

October 23, 2020

In our continuing effort to keep you, the trusted friends and clients of Impel Wealth Management, informed about what is going on with the economy and financial markets, we recently hosted the above Zoom webinar on Wednesday, September 30th. For those of you who were not able to attend live but still wanted to view this valuable resource, we are happy to report that it is now available on our YouTube channel for you to watch or share with friends at your convenience. You can access the video content by clicking below: 

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2020 continues to be a year for the record books. A year that will be etched in our memories for the rest of our lives. A year that we will tell our grandchildren and great grandchildren about -- and we still have an election to go!
This webinar discussed how experiencing multiple SUPER DISRUPTORS (Covid-19, protests, job loss, recession) concurrently could affect the outcome of the upcoming Presidential and Congressional elections. We looked at what this may mean for economic and tax policy, as well as the financial markets.
Historically, uncertainty surrounding the potential policies and outcomes has added an element of volatility to the markets in the months leading up to the election.  During our time together we reviewed the following major questions:

1)      Is this REALLY the most divisive and bitter election ever?
2)      What matters most to the markets, the President or the Fed?
3)      How has stock market performance influenced election outcomes historically?
4)      How have markets performed under different Presidential administrations?
5)     What steps can you take to help you achieve your financial and retirement goals?
The differences between the candidates and the campaigns is so stark, and many people are already firmly in one camp or the other, that the election outcomes could come down to a few undecided voters in a few key swing states. 

We shared ideas and information designed to help you make good decisions about your financial future. We have had several clients reach out to us about sharing our webinars with their family, friends, and coworkers.  To that end, we encourage you to pass this email/link on to them.
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