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Welcoming Sophia

Welcoming Sophia

June 08, 2022

Last year I introduced you to Cetera’s Diversity in Financial Planning Scholarship designed to drive financial literacy, advance education, and ongoing career development by working with students to overcome barriers throughout their professional journey. Recipients receive $5,000 renewable grants annually and the opportunity to participate in financial literacy, mentoring and internship programs.

This scholarship initiative has initially been rolled out to ten universities across the country, including the University of Akron. These universities have been specifically selected for their extremely strong and well-established financial planning curriculum. They are also willing to partner with us to provide mentorship and internship opportunities, along with scholarship and education to help foster the next generation of financial planners. The scholarship seeks to support students who have been underrepresented in the financial planning and financial services profession.

We had our first two scholarship recipients at the University of Akron during the ‘21–‘22 school year. Both young women are outstanding candidates and students. We believe they have bright careers ahead of them. Impel Wealth Management was lucky enough to be able to offer one of the scholarship recipients, Sophia Buffalini, the opportunity to intern with our team.

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Sophia, as you will likely be seeing her around the office this summer. Without further ado, I will hand the mic to Sophia…please tell us a little about yourself:

I recently completed my sophomore year of undergrad at the University of Akron, and I am pursuing a degree in both financial planning and financial management. On campus, I work with the finance professors as a student assistant, am actively involved in Women in Business, and currently hold the president position of the Financial Planning Student Association at the University. Through these roles, I have been able to bring more professional development opportunities to students pursuing careers in finance which include events to promote diversity in financial planning. With that said, I am incredibly thankful to be a recipient of Cetera’s Diversity in Financial Planning Scholarship and I plan to continue to promulgate the importance of diversity in the finance industry. 

Cetera and I believe the time has come for ACTIONS that meet our words. We believe in an abundance mentality and that we have a responsibility to use the time, talent and treasure that we have been blessed with to lift others up to a life of achievement and significance. Together, we will endeavor to empower people and change lives!!

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