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What's on Your Bucket List?

What's on Your Bucket List?

August 06, 2019
I am blessed to have so many clients that I enjoy spending time with. They share many deep and personal stories about what is happening with work, life and family. We take the responsibility of managing those relationships and aspirations extremely personally and seriously.
One of the things that happens on a very regular basis is clients sharing stories about trips and travels that they have taken utilizing the financial resources that we help manage for them. At least once a month, I come home and tell Rachel that we have a new trip or idea to add to our own personal bucket list based on something that one of YOU shared with me. Thank you for the inspirations and the stories.
It seems that one of the places that nearly every client agrees should be on their own bucket list is Italy. I have a number of clients each year that make Italy a destination for their travel plans. Rachel and I were blessed to travel to the Tuscany region with a group of friends four years ago. We were hoping for an opportunity to return again and see parts of the country that we had not seen before.
We were able to make that dream a reality this summer with a twelve-day trip to the northern and western parts of Italy. After flying into Rome, we stopped in Orvieto on our way to three days in Florence, which is one of the most beautiful cities we have ever been in. It is a place we will go back to, given the opportunity. From there we stopped in Lucca on our way to four full days in Cinque Terre, where we did a number of cooking classes. As many of you know, Rachel and I enjoy cooking together and take a few classes each year. From there, we were able to spend a few days in Milan, including one day touring Lake Como by boat.
It was our trip of a lifetime... this year. We had amazing tour guides and travel planners and we are more than happy to share names and numbers with all of you, our friends and clients that are considering a trip to Italy. I would like to thank the incredible team at Impel Wealth Management that made it possible for Rachel and I to take this trip, knowing that our clients were well cared for in our absence provides great peace of mind for me, and it should for you as well. Thank you for allowing us to share a little bit about our trip as we keep "Moving Life Forward".  Please continue to share your trips, travels and inspirations as they are meaningful to us.