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When Life Gives You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons

October 06, 2020
Many of you know that I've been part of a professional study group for nearly 15 years. I was first asked to be part of such a group in 2006. This study group consisted of 10 certified financial planners from across the eastern half of the United States. 
We would generally meet twice a year and spend 2 1/2 days doing deep dives into our practices. This included looking at financial planning issues, tax and investment strategies, operational and technology efficiencies as well as marketing initiatives. 
That study group, known as the Hole in the Wall Gang, was highly additive to my practice. I was the youngest member of the group. Many of the group's members were 5 to 15 years older than I was. We held each other accountable. We believed in an "abundance mentality"...that by sharing best ideas and helping each other out, we would all be better as a result. A rising tide, truly lifts all ships.
That study group finally held its last meeting in 2017 as some of the group's original and older members were starting to move towards retirement. That left a void for me, both personally and professionally. I not only became a better advisor because of what I learned as a member of this group but they also became some of my best friends.
Luckily for me, and hopefully for all of you, I approached a group of younger, rising stars within our industry the following year. I shared with them how beneficial my previous study group had been and asked if they would be interested in creating a new venture. I am happy to report an affirmative answer and a new beginning.
Incite Planning Group started meeting in 2018. We generally follow a similar format but are intentionally a smaller group. We started off with four people and have added one additional member. We would like to keep the group to a maximum of 6 to 8 people, as we feel this will allow a good balance of input and sharing. You may be interested to know that I am now the "old guard" in this group. Everyone else is younger, eager to grow and good with systems and technology.
During the COVID-19 coronavirus-spawned economic shut-downs and historic volatility in the stock, bond and commodity markets, this group became an invaluable source of information and wisdom. We shared information, we used Zoom platforms and group emails to answer questions and support one another.
s you look at your statements and reflect on what has happened this year, you can partially thank Insight Planning Group for helping Impel Wealth Management take the lemons that the markets in economy threw at us and create lemonade.(That is one of our members, Clint Gault JF,AIF in the picture with me). I would like to thank the members of this group. I look forward to our continued growth as we continue "Moving Life Forward" for us and our clients.
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