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When Should I Think About Moving?

When Should I Think About Moving?

February 26, 2019
As many of our clients move into retirement, they start thinking about when they will downsize or move to a smaller place that is easier for them to maintain. For some clients, they want to get to a home that is all on one floor, so they no longer have to deal with second floor bedrooms and a laundry room in the basement. For others, it means getting to a home where they no longer have to do outside maintenance like mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or cleaning out gutters.
There are other challenging issues as you think about moving in your retirement years. People want to stay in their existing home as long as they possibly can. For many people, their existing home is tied to family, friends and memories of younger days that they are not ready to leave behind. 
It can be emotionally challenging to downsize to a smaller place. It means getting rid of stuff that will not fit into your new home. Sometimes, we ascribe more value to things than our children and grandchildren do. It seems the younger generation is not as interested in sets of China or grandfather clocks. They now have to figure out how to divest of these items. One thing we do know for sure, it is easier to simplify life when you are young enough and healthy enough to do so. I have seen families forced into this process by health issues, and it is extremely physically and emotionally challenging. We know that many of our clients start decluttering and purging things from their home well in advance of a future move. Having less of the clutter that often times accompanies living in a home for decades is a helpful first step for many people. It helps people be more confident that when the time comes to relocate there will be fewer things to deal with.
Change can often times be difficult. Exchanging comfortable and familiar for new and different may be scary. We are here to help our clients think through both the social and financial ramifications of such a move. We have helped many clients as they work through some of the following questions:
- Where do I want to live the rest of my years?
- What do I do with the stuff I can't bring with me?
- Will my new home accommodate me as I age and possibly become less mobile?
- Will I be able to afford all of this?
Many of our clients have gotten to a new home with less stuff and fewer maintenance and upkeep responsibilities. This has freed them up to pursue hobbies, travel and make friends and acquaintances in their new communities. As we talk through what's most important in life, and how we utilize your financial resources to accomplish these goals, please don't hesitate to have this conversation with us. The cumulative experience that we have had with others may allow us to have a meaningful conversation with you as we "Move Life Forward" together.