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Who, Not How...Our Professional Advisory Network

Who, Not How...Our Professional Advisory Network

July 26, 2023

Dan Sullivan is one of the foremost experts on entrepreneurship and has coached successful entrepreneurs around the globe. As the co-founder of Strategic Coach, Dan and his team have provided teaching and training to more than 20,000 entrepreneurs. My business partner and CEO of Horizon Advisor Network, Peter J. Bush, CFP, has been involved with Dan’s coaching program for more than a dozen years. It has been an extraordinarily valuable tool and resource as he has grown our national enterprise group over the years.


One of Dan Sullivan's life-changing concepts is the idea of Who, Not How. The basic premise is that when you want to accomplish something stop asking, “How can I do this?”, and instead, “Who can do this for me? “This philosophy may seem simple, but just because it is simple it doesn't mean that it is easy to implement.

The team at Impel Wealth Management took this concept to heart as we were building our Professional Advisory Network. We often have clients who need help with services that are not part of our core financial planning and investment advisory platform. Many times, they are not sure where to turn or who to reach out to. They are looking for a referral to a resource from a trusted advisor.

That's where we come in. We partner with other allied professionals for services that are outside of our scope or expertise. When it comes to managing the complexities of life, we know that it can be challenging to find qualified specialists in your area, so we only partner with trusted and experienced professionals. I will share a recent success story to illustrate how we may be able to help you, our trusted friends, and clients.

Recently, a physician client of ours was seeing the rates for their automobile, homeowners, and umbrella liability policies rise dramatically. They were uncertain if their coverage was appropriate, and they were not getting much help when they reached out to their agent. They called us to see if we could refer them to somebody that may be able to provide them with wisdom and expertise in these matters. We referred them to trusted advisors within our network. At the end of the day, they were able to cut their costs by a substantial amount while getting significantly enhanced coverage.

Whether you are looking for a referral to a realtor, a CPA, a banker, a mortgage broker, or simply someone to paint your house or redo your floors, the CFPs of Impel Wealth are here to help. When you have a question, give us a call, or go to the Professional Advisory tab on our website. A link to that page is provided for you here.

It may not have anything to do with the rate of return on your investment portfolio, or helping you determine when you can successfully transition from work life to a retirement of significance, but we know that being able to solve these day-to-day issues is extraordinarily important to you. As many of you know, I am not a handy person. However, when I am facing a challenge or need help, I am more than happy to ask the question Who, Not How. We are here to help you as we all continue “Moving Life Forward”.

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