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Why Simplifynance?

Why Simplifynance?

March 26, 2019
As Impel Wealth Management has continued to grow, we faced a dilemma in helping our next generation of potential clients. Many of our existing clients, who are mostly 50-80 years old, initially came to us wanting to be able to retire successfully. They had a vision of what a successful retirement looked like for them and their families, and they wanted to be able to quantify what they needed to accumulate in order to reach those goals.
However, a wonderful thing has happened along the way. Many of our clients have asked us to help their children and other family members get an earlier start on planning for their financial future. Luckily for Impel Wealth and our clients, we have partnered with Horizon Advisor Network. Over the last two years, Pete Bush, my good friend and managing partner at Horizon has been envisioning a new way for us to help this Next Generation of clients. After months of discussion, design and testing, this dream has now become a reality for all of us.
Enter Simplifynance, and our Financial Advisor, Nathan Ollish, CFP®. We know that by and large this next generation of clients has been ignored by the financial planning industry. While many of them have not yet accumulated significant assets, they do have very critical financial planning issues that need to be addressed in order for them to start a path towards future financial success. Simplifynance allows us to utilize the latest technology platforms, along with the relationship of a human advisor to help these clients answer critical financial planning questions for their families such as:
  • How do I save money for a down payment and qualify for a mortgage to purchase my first home?
  • How do I make best use of my employer's group benefit plans?
  • What is the best way to pay down/pay off any student loan or credit card debt that I may have?
  • How do I start an education savings program for my young children?
  • Do I need estate documents and/or life insurance?


Nathan is passionate about helping others pursue their dreams and sharing ideas on how to achieve them. He offers clients an authentic, genuine look at their current financial resources and goals, then creates a custom plan to help them balance enjoying life now while preparing for their future. He would like to see a shift in clients having an apprehension of their finances to a positive understanding of how their money can work for them.  Clients can expect straight forward answers from Nathan that are timely, trusted and informed.
Nathan is the Simplifynance advisor for the Impel Wealth Management team. He joins Rachel Stewart of Horizon Wealth Management as the first two Financial Advisors utilizing this program. We have a unique opportunity to help clients ages 25-40 years old. Horizon fully expects to have more than 50 advisors utilizing Simplifynance across the country in the next few years. 
Now that I have told you WHY we are excited about Simplifynance, I will let Nathan tell you next week WHAT it is all about and how we are utilizing this exciting platform to service this next generation as we keep "Moving Life Forward" for our clients...and their families!!