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10 Aug
Mid-Year Outlook: Climbing a Wall of Worry


At the start of 2023, we all experienced the worry of what this year would bring with inflation and the debt ceiling on the rise and concerns about an impending recession. But here we are near the midpoint of the year and we really haven’t seen the volatility we were expecting. So what might the second half of the year really have in store for us?

To hear our perspective on what the future may hold – and what it means for your finances and portfolio – join Impel Wealth Management advisors Jesse Hurst and Nathan Ollish for a 2023 Mid-Year Outlook webinar on Thursday, August 10th, at 4 p.m.

 During the webinar, “Climbing a Wall of Worry,” we’ll cover three important categories of concern that we will be watching in the second half of 2023:

  • Economy
  • Earnings
  • Markets

The information is designed to keep you updated on the latest financial news and market trends – equipping you to make well-informed decisions.

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Date and Time

Thu, Aug 10, 2023

4:00p - 5:00p EST


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